Bluesapocalypse is a collection of thoughts, links and ideas about inspired blues musicians and singers dedicated to - and interested in the blues - antique or modern, and ranging from vintage acoustic to acid electric. We are based in Boston - sorry we have zero budget for long distance travel - but we have a real interest in blues wherever it rears it's head. we'll try to get to your show within driving range, and are happy to listen to music you recommend.

Q: How do I report technical errors on the site (broken links / images, etc.)?

Q: Where do I report editorial errors on the site?
A: You don't.

Q: How do I get in touch with the Bluesapocalypse news department?

Q: Where should I send a press release?

Q: How do I send a CD, record or song to you?
A: Our snail mail address is 4 Park Place, Unit 1, Jamiaca Plain MA 02130. Sorry - we can't reply to emails about whether promos or promo emails arrived.

Q: Who do I email if I want to write and/or shoot for Bluesapocalypse?
Email us with "Contributor" in the subject line and: 1) a few words about yourself and your areas of musical expertise; 2) a list of some of your favorite albums and artists; and 3) links to your work (no attachments please). Please us links to your writing on another publication or your own blog. Sorry - we can't respond to individual emails but if we're interested we'll be in touch.

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