Bostonís most eclectic acid blues band, Bees Deluxe, created and hosts Bluesapocalypse, an annual benefit for the Arlington Center for the Arts. For the past two years, Bluesapocalypse has attracted hundreds of music fans who are lucky enough to score tickets to this sold-out event.

This year, after the second encore, a fan slipped the sound engineer a bootleg recording of their entire performance, and itís in the spirit of sharing that this CD was created.

Bees Deluxe, led by guitarist & vocalist Conrad Warre, explore acid blues, rock and Blue Note era jazz and mixes original tunes with their own take on Billie Holiday, J.B. Lenoir, Joe Zawinul, Amy Winehouse, the Meters, Miles Davis, Robben Ford and Etta James.

Bluesapocalypse Tracklist:

  1. Blues for the Decline of Western Civilization
  2. Damn Your Eyes
  3. B Minor with Stops
  4. Talk to Your Daughter
  5. Start it Up
  6. I've Been Downhearted
  7. Roll Over Stockhausen
  8. Zoe's Chromatic Blues
  9. Phone Booth
  10. Travelin' South
  11. Ain't Nobody's Business
  12. Green Tea
  13. I Woudn't Treat a Dog (The Way You Treated Me) Band courtesy photo by Rich Hall.