The doors of the Arlington Town Hall open at 7pm on Saturday April the 15th, for an evening of blues, r&b, soul, jazz, and even more blues with five of the most diverse and interesting local musicians and bands including: Louise Grasmere, The Tokyo Tramps, Shikiboo & the Butane Blue Band, Bees Deluxe and KingStreet. Each band brings their services to help raise funds for the Arlington Center for the Arts, a vibrant hub for visual and performing arts. Blue Ribbon BBQ, Sam Adams and Chilly Cow will provide finger-lickin’ food, beer and frozen custard all to benefit the Arlington Center for the Arts.

Saturday, April 15, doors open at 6:00 pm, at Arlington Town Hall, 730 Massachusetts Ave, Arlington, MA 02476

Louise GrasmereLouise Grasmere

Louise Grasmere's sound is wholly her own – a unique fusion of jazz-influenced rhythm and blues seasoned with motown, gospel and soul. Think Bonnie Raitt laced with the smooth landscapes of Joni Mitchell, the imaginative improvisations of Ella Fitzgerald, and the gritty authenticity of Big Mama Thornton. Louise’s sound is compelling, haunting at times, angry, powerful, full of love and passion and always deeply real. Performing in and around Boston in self-produced, sold-out concerts for the last fourteen years, Grasmere has built a huge and devoted grassroots following that has taken on a life of its own. Without major label backing or commercial promotion, her popularity with her fans has fueled Grasmere’s ability to consistently perform for packed houses. Blue Ain’t Only Blue is a listening journey in rhythm and blues with Grasmere’s signature deep, rich and tremendously soulful sound. Tracks range from jazz-tinged funk, to hard-hitting blues, passionate soul, rootsy gospel, and sweet soulful folk rock ballads.

Tokyo TrampsTokyo Tramps

Hailing from the Land of Rising Sun (Japan), the Tokyo Tramps is a group of American roots music fanatics. The musical journey started when Satoru left Japan to go to Louisiana searching for the spirit of Rock'n'Roll. Soon he found the key, Blues. Yukiko left a lucrative job in Tokyo and took a giant step following her heart to play American music. Then in 1999, TOKYO TRAMPS was born in Boston. Satoru took its name TRAMPS from his early idol, Bruce Springsteen's song, Born To Run - "Tramps like us, baby, we were born to run."..... Satoru says, American music changed our lives. Four individuals chanced to meet in Boston, and taking cues from our musical heroes, were creating something very unique and exciting. We are making our dreams come true every time we play.

ShikibooShikiboo & Butane Blue Band

Shikiboo's sound has often been described as raw, soulful, and room filling! She has been singing since a child growing up in Boston's inner city. While her main squeeze is rock and roll, she likes many genres. "I don't like to be caged or locked into certain categories, she said. "Some days I may feel a little blue and you will hear that. Other days i may feel amp'd and you will hear that. I am emotive, I give you…me! Her down to earth personality has won the hearts of so many.

Shikiboo, was influenced by artists from Aretha Franklin and Koko Taylor, .just to name a few. ..

These days you can catch “Shiki” and her band Butane Blue performing in clubs all around New England and parts of New York, Shikiboo also has performed /been featured with numerous other bands including; The James Montgomery Band, Fast Times 80s Band, Speedo Harmonica Jones, and the Furreal Band just to name a few.

Bees DeluxeBees Deluxe

Bees Deluxe play 21st century acid-blues. Taking the road less traveled, they discover and share off-the-beaten songs and instrumentals and fuse them into their own original works. They dare to be risk-takers on stage, digging deep into the vaults of blues/jazz antiquity. The result is an effortless take no-prisoners-approach that wittingly captures the audience's hearts.

"Bees Deluxe, effortlessly incorporates American blues, R&B, British Invasion and soul in to a hearty amalgam of guitar driven rock & roll that shakes and stirs." — Brian Owens, Metronome Magazine

"unquestionably unique; acid blues at its finest, dripping with virtuosity" — A J Wachtel, Boston Blues Society


A serendipitous collision of several local bands, KingStreet blends together 8 friends to create an electric horn-driven dance band experience. Specializing in a good time, KingStreet explores blues, rock, R&B, jazz, swing, pop, reggae, latin, and country, often in the same set. The melding of audience favorites with the band’s eclectic tastes results in good listening, great dancing and serious fun. Sprinkle in some sunny originals and KingStreet simmers the groove to the point of deliciousness. Join us for a taste of the groove life!

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